Religion – Music

I often see on Facebook next to the question of Religion people often write what is most important to them rather than an actual religious sect. There have been ‘Having fun!’ and ‘Being Blonde!’ but my favorite of all that I saw recently was ‘Music’. Religion to many, is a way of life, a reason for being and living the way we choose. It has become increasingly apparent recently that my line between music and religion has become a little blurry. Many people believe that having God in your life, Buddha, Allah, whatever, is understanding that there is greatness around us and that there is something to aspire to. With every up there is a down, with Ying comes Yang and just like Religion there are always two sides to every coin.

The reason I’m writing about this is because with the busy schedule I have at the moment I have had to adopt a different way of living, a new religion… A Music-igion! Every day I wake early and get playing as though I had been called to Mosque for Prayer. I try and practise with total focus and dedication like a meditative Monk trying to reach total fulfillment. Not always am I successful in being the best I can be which leads to questioning and soul searching. I often have to stand back and take a long hard look at myself and ask the age old question ‘Why?’ So much about being a musician involves constantly asking how can I play better, how can I perform to the best of my ability, how can I make sure that I play perfectly? The answers to these questions are in fact so simple, we just have to believe in ourselves with our whole hearts and know that we can acheive anything we put our minds to.

As I stood backstage earlier today mentally preparing myself to perform at a lunchtime recital, the eagerness creeping up within me, the anticipation of not knowing how I would play, I took some deep breaths and closed my eyes to feel a sudden calmness surge through my body. I asked myself a simple question, do I believe I can do this and instantly I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be, right there!

It takes time to work out that all the hard work, the ups and downs, the sweat and tears, the frustration, the hours and hours of practising, the relationship that you must have with the music is all worth it. The hardship melts at the end of a good concert like today and you are left with the rewards, the jubilation and complete rush of utter joy and exhilaration! The feeling of knowing your place in this world, like you’ve been found and saved! By God? By self-belief? By the music? Who knows. Like I said the line is a little blurry but one things for sure, I have faith and I believe in something great, in lives deep down within me, around me and with me I believe that it will help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming the best musician I can be.

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