I’m back!

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago I was standing on this beach just off the coast of the Western Sahara with nothing but time at my finger tips. The feel of the sun on my face, warm and comforting, it was absolutely totally and utterly delicious! It feels like so long ago now and how quickly time has flown since I last wrote on here. Apologies to those who have missed me, I feel like I dropped off the edge of the planet for a while there but I can safely say I’m back now and all is well. A brief summary so I’ll make sense….

I watched a very good friend get married and as I wept while she spun her first dance I realised that the tears I wept were tears of loss.

I spent an awesome 10 days at Prussia Cove International Musicians Seminar and rode a life changing roller coaster ride which has opened up my ears and eyes forever.

I did a recital with the flu (I don’t recommend it!) and the bird that flew around the church as we played seemed very much like a hallucination!!

I have done enough Gilbert and Sullivan to last a lifetime, so much so that I’ve decided that enough is enough and I never want to hear another word about animals or minerals ever again!

6 recitals with my amazing husband, Aylesbury, Kingston, Notting Hill, Bexleyheath, Oxford and Waterloo.

I have bought a new violin! Perhaps my most exciting news, it is incredible and every day it gets better and better. I honestly believe that the big man upstairs is watching out for me and somehow lead me to it. I am extremely lucky.

My mother has returned home from her epic 2 and a half year expedition around the entire continent of Africa. She is home safe and sound and I’m incredibly relieved and grateful to have her home in one piece!

My tummy has had it’s ups and downs but I am pleased to report that all is well down under. I seem to have made a remarkable break through with diet and even if my consultant thinks I’m mad, no wheat, no dairy seems to have really helped. I am still steroid free, 6 and a half months and counting….

Things are going to be pretty crazy around here for a while, my busy schedule seems to have exploded suddenly and I really enjoy having this place to come and rant. So, I hope you don’t mind if I whittle away but I just wanted to say, its good to be back.

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