Star Struck!

I went to a concert last night at the venue where my husband and I have recently been doing a series of recitals. It’s a gorgeous intimate little place that only seats 40 and so it was lovely to sit back, relax and listen to another violin and piano duo rather than doing the concert ourselves! The violinist is a superb international soloist and his playing had real balls, the kind of confidence and gusto I totally aspire to. Watching him, I felt completely safe that his shear force and will would carry me through his perfomance and never let me go.
As an added bonus I got the opportunity to talk to the violinist over a drink after the concert. It turned out that he met his wife at the same amazing chamber music course that we’re going on next week! After talking for a while I told him that I was on a quest to find the perfect violin. I was interested to know what the difference would be between what he had and my brand new violin. Before I knew it I was standing in his dressing room with a Stradivarius under my chin playing away to him! He told my husband how lovely it was to hear his violin being played! Talk about making my day/week/year! I got to play a Strad! It was of course absolutely beautiful, a soft yet strong silky sound and each note seemed to perfectly blend into the next. It was a wonderful experience and all for only a mere $2million!
It’s such a confusing journey and who knows if this new violin I have will be the right one. Tomorrow I have to take Lola back to Belgium which I’m really sad about but know it’s the right decision as I had been told by too many people that I might as well throw my money in the bin rather than invest in ‘that piece of junk!’ I’m worried I’m going to get my heart broken again by this new violin, fall in love with it then realise that it’s not ‘the one’. Only time will tell I suppose, I just have to learn to be patient and accept that I may well be picking up pieces of my heart for quite a long time….

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