Hard slog!

Very deflating weekend consisting of two choral society gigs. Saturday was St Matthew Passion in a freezing cold church and when I arrived I was told that the conductor had left all the orchestral parts in his car, in Suffolk! We had to play from print outs, no bowings, cuts or anything marked in which meant I spent the entire rehearsal writing, not playing. On the up side there were lots of really lovely people there and my desk partner has twin toddlers so always there’s entertaining stories to be heard from her!
Sundays concert, Haydn creation was also a total flop! After a long three and a half hour rehearsal, a five minute break and still half an hours worth of music left to play due to a disorganised and far too chatty conductor, the leader called time as the orchestra were tired, grumpy and hungry, not a good combination! I quietly stayed behind at the end of the rehearsal to mark in a few extra bowings. As I sat there, to my horror, the conductor began to talk about the orchestra to one of the soloists. He descibed us as ‘ridiculous’, ‘crap’ and ‘complete idiots’ because we wouldn’t allow him to rehearse all night. The singer he was talking to suddenly saw me still sitting in my seat and told him to perhaps stop talking at which point he spun around and grinned a wide smile (I wanted to punch it) and came over and then proceeded to try and pat me on the head!! At this point my blood was about ready to boil! So I collected my thoughts and said very calmly ‘Let me give you some advice…’ I think I talked at him for about 10 minutes. ‘Respect’, ‘Disorganised’, ‘Professionalism’ he stood and listened and even thanked me for my honesty! However, I don’t think I’ll be asked back to play with that orchestra again but to be quite honest, I would rather be totally broke!

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