High as a Kite!

I always think that life has a funny way of working itself out. My brother went through a phase of being obsessed with a book called ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It’s written almost like a childs book about a young boy who follows his heart and travels in search for his treasure. It’s a fable that introduces the reader to the idea that if you work as hard as you can then the soul of the universe will conspire with your dreams to make them a reality. It’s all a bit cosmic but I definitely think there’s something in it. The book ends with the boy becoming a man and finding his dreams and treasure in a way that he never expected. The world tests him to his very limits, sometimes he even wanted to give up on his quest but in the end it’s all worth it. My sister has a beautiful piece of silk with Chinese inscription on it that we bought together in Beijing that reads ‘Life is a journey and not a destination.’ The older I get the more I totally understand that.

My husband and I recently had some amazing news that a CD we recorded of our playing was chosen out of hundreds to participate in a very well known chamber music course. We’ll be having coaching from some of the best musicians in the world! We’re soooooo chuffed to have been invited to play there as it seems that so many incredible musicians began their careers at this very place.

When one door closes another is opened. It’s not what I expected as I was always so sure that the orchestral path was the one I was meant to be on. I just want to play my violin, create something new, tell a story, and even though I’m not getting to do that right now the way I thought I would, it’s safe to say that I’m over the moon, jumping for joy and on top of the world because at last it seems that my hard work is finally paying off.

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