Feeling So Welcome!

It is 5:20am and although I realise this is silly o’clock, there is no way I can go back to bed and sleep. A bad combo of jet lag and being like a little girl on Christmas morning desperately wanting to open pressies and being far too excited!

I AM IN BANFF!! There is snow all around me outside and there is a small dusting of what looks like icing sugar being added to the handsome pine trees. I have come down to the communal lounge and before I turned the lamp on I had the pleasure of watching a small deer outside who was having a good munch on a nearby tree, I am actually in heaven!

Yesterday was an extremely long day with the added 7 hours and watching dawn not quite break over and over on the plane was totally fascinating. Being suspended in time got me wondering how much you could do if you could stop time. We had a very smooth journey minus a rather smelly man on the plane who I really wish hadn’t taken his shoes off! The cabin crew gave us impeccable service on our Transat flight and we arrived in good time at The Banff Centre after an entertaining and very informative journey from our bus driver Nicholas who wanted to tell us all about the mountains, lakes and wildlife.

My overwhelming first impression is how wonderfully helpful, friendly and welcoming everyone has been since we got here. I get the feeling that everyone really wants us to get the absolute most from our stay including the full spa and fitness centre which offers yoga, pilates and boot camp classes. The food is superb with massive amounts of choice and the best part about being here is we have so much space to think, work and breath albeit -10 cold air!

Our Welcoming committee at The Banff Centre!

Practise Huts in the woods.

Our very own hut!

Nick outside Steinberg Duo hut.

A resident Professor’s hut.

As far my UC goes I’m down to 15mg Prednisolone and I’m not sure wether it’s the minus temperatures or the steroid side effects but my skin has taken on a whole new level of scaley! Moisturisers are going to have to be my best friend for the next 3 weeks or I fear I might actually disintegrate completely!

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Looks sooooooooo amazing, it was about 3 degrees here today and damn chilly so can’t even imagine what it’s like out there! Hope the Xmas pressies come in handy 😉 Love your little huts, they must be toasty inside.
    Enjoy enjoy my lovelies and make the most of it. Great news about Holly Burns too :)
    Bex xxxxx

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