Scales of all Kinds.

I have scales like a scaly monster, thank you Prednisolone!

I threw my scales away because to be honest I just don’t want to know anymore!

And, I can’t play my scales because I haven’t played for so long!

We have a concert in Germany in 6 days time and I was amazed that my family didn’t seem to realise that we might need to rehearse for it! Do most non musicians think that we can just pick up where we left off, no matter how long it’s been since we last played and still be able to perform at a moments notice? I am shocked and actually quite hurt! Playing our best means putting in hours of quality practise, like an athlete, we must train to give our best. Surely this is not so hard to understand, is it?!

I hate not being able to play, it’s like a punishment slowly trying to peel away the days of having not practised to finally reveal a tiny morsel of something that once sounded like yourself when you could play. It’s like my fingers are jeering snidely at me saying ‘Serves you right for taking time off!’ I want to scream at the top of my lungs ‘It’s not my fault I have UC, I was so ill’ but alas the music, notes and concert dates wait for no one.

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