Confidence, Courage and Strength.

I took this photo in Granada while I was there last summer for a friend’s wedding and it will always remind me of how lucky I was to witness the most amazing display of Flamenco that night. They performed for us all with the sun setting behind the Sierra Nevada in most beautiful place right next door to the Alhambra. The musicians took their seats and the dancers came to the stage, the eager audience hushed in anticipation and a mysterious magic filled the room….silence….

Like nothing I have ever heard before the female singer dropped her head and from the depths of her soul came music so rich it was as if these notes were her dying words. The vibration of the sound came at me, through me and into me with such strength I was compelled to listen and I knew I could trust her every note. The clapping began, the pulse of Spanish blood being shared. The dancers began to move, their bodies strong, so confident, it was as though a spell had been cast over me and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them.

The reason I’m writing about this experience is because that night I saw and heard something that can only be described as real confidence. Strength was in their blood and they had the courage to show us what Flamenco really meant to them. I was incredibly moved by their performance and now having witnessed it, I want to know more about this secret of strength and courage that I believe we all possess.

I have thought long and hard about the word ‘Confidence’ over the last few weeks, for me it is a funny old thing! One moment I have it, the next I seem to have misplaced it and then I have it again etc etc… While this is incredibly frustrating, it also acts as a small reminder for me not to take my confidence for granted. My very own humility gauge telling me that while I do have control of my talent I must never become arrogant with it. I still feel like I have so much to learn and I must remember that this it is this hunger that keeps me striving towards my ultimate goal of becoming the best I can possibly be.


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