Into Battle!

Sometimes I think that life would be so much easier if we all just said exactly what we think instead of being careful about upsetting anyone ALL the time, or is that just me?! I find myself so often these days stuck between a rock and a hard place trying desperately not to offend or hurt anyone but right here, right now I am going to speak out and say that I wish common sense grew on trees so that certain people would feast on it until their bellies were so full they actually become the embody-ment of common sense!
I am particularly furious right now and really just need to vent and go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
Ok, a bit better now…..

Today has been one of those infuriating days. I have been faced with two INSANE situations or rather two ridiculous people who I literally want to shake so hard that their ridiculousness will just sort of fall out of them!!
I’m sure the world would end up being completely chaotic if we all said exactly how we felt but why have I ended up being the type of person who just quietly disagrees with things? It’s the whole thing about balance I suppose, there are those who feel it’s their God-given right to say whatever they want, to speak out as their constant stream of conscience flows in their brain and out through their lips! Then there as those who just don’t want to voice their opinions too loudly and feel it is best to let life take its course. Perhaps it’s not so black and white a situation and I should look at a third
I will step gently in life and know that I am not always right, be happy to be told that my ship is sometimes slightly off course. I know that I must take a big deep breath right now and try not to be too judgmental. One question for you all to ponder, would you want someone to tell you that you are being a COMPLETE idiot even when you think you know exactly what you’re

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